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Commercial property

So that residents of Novy Podol can live, work, relax and dream, we create comfortable conditions in our neighborhood. We think over each apartment layout, fill the public space with various functions and, most importantly, design commercial premises for infrastructure objects in advance.


Residents of Novy Podil are able to go shopping, visit restaurants or receive timely medical assistance from specialists without leaving their home territory. Therefore, we create a multifunctional neighborhood and all conditions for the business.

If you are looking for a commercial property for investment or for the operation of your company, Novy Podil is the perfect place for this. Are you looking for a property to buy or a commercial space for rent? We will offer you the best layout and the best conditions.


Many companies dream of an office on the banks of the Dnieper. Work every day with a picturesque view of the river, walk the embankment and breath fresh air in between work are opportunities that attract when choosing a commercial space. Now imagine that your office has a rooftop terrace. An ideal place not only for a break, but also for work. Great ideas will definitely be born here.

Such offices are designed in Novy Podil - ultra-modern, with well-thought-out layouts, roof terraces and a great view of the Dnieper river. Together with commercial real estate, the office space will occupy about 91,800 m² of our multifunctional neighborhood.


One of the components of commercial real estate in Novy Podil is retail space. Considering the total building area, the number of residents, office workers and just visitors of the neighborhood, shops and boutiques that will open on its territory will be in demand.

We know what is needed for the successful operation of retail spots, therefore, we design premises with large showcases, convenient location, separate and barrier-free entrances in advance. It is important for us to provide residents and guests of the neighborhood with the necessary goods, and boutiques and shops - with the proper demand.


The location near the Dnieper is the main feature of Novy Podil. We want not only to return access to water to the citizens of Kiev and guests of the city, but also to turn the embankment into an ultra-modern space with a beach, an open-air concert venue, jogging and bike paths, a skate park, boat stations and a kayak rental point.

But a special place in the list of infrastructure facilities will be occupied by cafes and restaurants. In Novy Podil, they will become one of the most popular vacation spots. All establishments will have a view of the Dnieper, so, of course, we have foreseen the possibility of creating summer areas near the water.


We know how important it is to have a pharmacy, clinic or dental office near your home, so some of the commercial premises will be set aside for medical institutions. If necessary, residents of Novy Podil can contact qualified specialists. Even at the design stage, we take into account the specifics of the future clinic, therefore, if you are looking for a property, the layout of which will match the needs of your medical institution, we will help you find a property in Novy Podil.

You can find out all the information about the terms of purchase and lease of commercial real estate by contacting the sales department.