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14.07 2021

Novy Podil has started the sale of apartments


The project, which has a symbolic name and an ambitious goal - to turn an abandoned industrial zone in the city center into a progressive mixed-use neighborhood with access to the Dnieper, clean waterfront and modern public space. This is the Novy Podil.

Today we begin its history and open the sale of apartments in the first section. Everyone who followed the announcements and waited for the start of our project can already view the planning on the site and be one of the first to buy apartments near the Dnieper.


Novy Podil is located in the center of Kyiv near the historic quarters of the old Podil on Naberezhno-Khreschatytska Street. Here we are building a neighborhood that will be an organic continuation of Podil and its integral part. Dwelling houses, convenient city and business infrastructure and a modern embankment will appear on the banks of the Dnieper, which will be open to all citizens and guests of Kyiv.

Novy Podil consists of 7 blocks with an average height of 8 and 9 floors. The total area of ​​residential real estate is 115,500 m2. Office and commercial premises occupy 91,800 m2.

The neighborhood will have all the necessary infrastructure for living, working and recreation. There will be coworking spaces, service centers, shops, restaurants and offices with terraces overlooking the Dnieper. In one of the buildings there will be a Cultural Center, where various cultural events will take place. There is also an open-air concert space in Novy Podil.

Inside each quarter there are green yards without cars, so in addition to the waterfront and public spaces, residents will have another place for a comfortable stay.


Working on the project of improvement of the embankment of Novy Podil, we took into account the leading experience of Amsterdam, Stockholm, Copenhagen and other European cities located near the water. We want the space near the Dnieper to become the main place of power, place of meetings and rest of our residents and guests here. Therefore, along the entire embankment we will plant various meadow grasses, bushes and trees, make a descent to the water in the form of an amphitheater, arrange treadmills, tennis courts, a basketball court and a football field. Also on the waterfront will be the only city beach in the center of Kiev. Here we will build a moorage for yachts, stations with boats and kayaks. The symbols of the embankment, visible from afar, will be two restored port cranes.

The first section of Novy Podil will consist of two 8-storey buildings with 97 apartments ranging in size from 33 m² to 247 m²². Among the plans are both one-level and two- and three-level apartments with access to its own terrace.

If you want to live and relax near the Dnieper, enjoy its view every day, go to work and from work by boat on the river or by bike on the embankment, then Novy Podil is created for you. Visit our sales department at: Naberezhno-Rybalska road, 3. Our managers will tell you everything about the project, planning and conditions of purchase of apartments.

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