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31.08 2021

Everything for life, sports, recreation and work: about the internal infrastructure of Novy Podil


Jogging along the waterfront in the company of your favorite songs or basketball with friends who live in the neighborhood. Relaxing by the water on the city beach or relaxing in a boat that can be rented next to your house. Whichever option you choose for leisure, Novy Podil will have all the necessary infrastructure for this.

For life, work, recreation and sports - it was on this principle that we developed the neighborhood. And the location near the Dnieper was of key importance to us. We want not only residents of Novy Podil, but also everyone to be able to relax by the river, walk, play sports and work.

Infrastructure for life

Choosing an apartment in Novy Podil, you don't need to leave your area to go shopping, to a restaurant and cafe, or to take your child to a kindergarten or school. In each quarter, we have provided commercial premises where service centers, shops and catering establishments will operate. Residents will be able to attend cultural events in the Cultural Center on the banks of the Dnieper.

Infrastructure for work

When the office is within a 5-minute walk from the house, no traffic jams and delays. In Novy Podil, we have envisaged a whole office cluster - offices of various configurations, which will feature spacious terraces overlooking the Dnieper. Here you can breathe fresh air in between work, and in the summer you can even equip your workplace on them.

The internal infrastructure of the district will be an advantage not only for residents of Novy Podol, but also for office workers. For lunch, you can go to a cafe or order a to-go dish and sit on the waterfront.

Infrastructure for children

Young residents of preschool age will be able to attend one of two kindergartens, which will work in Novy Podil. For older children, a school will open in the area.

You can play football and basketball, ride a skateboard and ride a bicycle on special grounds on the boulevard. Separate playgrounds will be located in the courtyards of the neighborhoods. Here we will install CCTV cameras and close the space from cars. Letting your child go to play with friends in the yard, you do not have to worry about his safety.

For children's leisure, sections will also be organized on the basis of the Cultural Center.


The place of power not only in Podil, but in the whole of Kiev is the embankment of Novy Podil. It will be 1 kilometer long and 30 meters wide. Here we will equip a city beach where you can relax by the water, make berths for yachts and other types of water transport, as well as build a boat and kayak rental station. There will be an amphitheater next to the beach - a special area with benches that will descend by stairs to the Dnieper and will decorate the embankment.

The combination of greenery and water is our favorite, so the embankment of Novy Podil will have rich vegetation. We will plant dozens of different meadow grasses, bushes and trees.

The embankment will always be open to all Kyiv residents and guests of the city. If it is quite difficult to reach the Dnieper now, and sometimes it becomes a real challenge, in Novy Podil we want to change it. We have thought out exits to the embankment between the quarters, so residents and guests of the area will not have to travel a long way to relax by the water.


The boulevard will run along the embankment and Naberezhno-Lugovaya street. It is a place for hiking, cycling and sports. On the boulevard, we will equip jogging tracks, tennis courts, a skate park, a basketball court and a football field. Music events, city festivals and food festivals can take place here. We will also create places for quiet rest - recreational areas with benches for sitting.

More information can be found in the sales department at the address: Naberezhno-Rybalskaya road, 3. Come to familiarize yourself with the layouts and features of New Podil.

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